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SCNS - Free School Book Scheme

All Books, Workbooks and Copybooks (copies) are available for free under the Free School Books Programme run in the school. The only fees on your child's Book list are as follows:
1. Miscellanous Fee (€40 for all children) - Art/Crafts, Photocopying, Journal, Extra Readers, text a parent facility, Interactive Software (DabbleDoo Music, DabbleDoo Drama, Bua na Cainte etc.). This fee must be paid, for every child, in order to meet this expense in the school. This can only be paid through Aladdin Connect. Pleasse email if you require any assistance logging in etc.
2. Stationery/Equipment: To be purchased as per your child's Book List for September 2023 (and replaced as necessary).
Updated May 2024
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