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Mission Statement

Solas Chríost is a national school with a child-centred philosophy of education. The child is more important than the curriculum. This is the core of our mission as educators in this school.

As a child centred school we pay particular attention to children with special needs and children that might be victims of bullying. Our code of behaviour is entitled ‘Fair Play’. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. We believe that all children are entitled to the best education that we can provide. We also advise parents if alternative school placement might be better for a child with a particular disability, or, suggest assessment with the view to appropriate education placement for the child with special needs.
Our school is fully wheelchair accessible with a disabled toilet off the G.P. room fitted with a panic alarm system and support rails. There are no steps or stairs in any part of the school building. We eliminated steps on both corridors and have had hand rails fitted to aid children with serious dyspraxia or other physical disabilities that would require supports. All entrances to, and exits from the school are ramped.
We have 2 specific speech and language disorder classes. Speech and language provide a child with the voice and communication skills that equip them for life. We build their self-esteem and confidence in order that they may be able to assert themselves when necessary. Those children have the assistance of an S.N.A. They also have tuition from and a speech and language therapist supplied by the H.S.E. The children from those classes are integrated in mainstream classes where and when possible e.g. for P.E. religion, music, art etc. in order to develop their social skills and independence.
Solas Chríost is a catholic school under the patronage of the Archdioceses of Dublin. Our teaching is based on Christian values with Jesus Christ as our guiding light. The school’s name, ‘Solas Chríost’, reflects that ethos. Our Christian doctrine includes preparing children for the sacraments.
Though we are a Catholic school our teaching and schooling revolve around the rights of each child to an education that is inclusive and tolerant of all religious beliefs and cultures. We have children of many and varied religious faiths in Solas Chríost. We cater for them by making alternative arrangements while religious instruction takes place in the classroom. During other events that might be at variance with their beliefs we cater for them in so far as this is possible and in consultation with their parents.

Our Gaelic culture is given a high priority in the school. Our Irish language, games, music and dancing are encouraged.  We promote Seachtain na Gaeilge le cluichí Gaelacha, céilithe agus le duiseanna do na daltaí a dhéanann an iarracht is fearr i ngach rang sa scoil.

Updated July 2019
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